Model Freightways was a quarterly publication for those individuals who have a strong interest in HO or 1/87 scale truck models. Founded in 2002, we offer a consistent and timely magazine style newsletter to a subscriber base that is made up of modelers, enthusiasts, collectors, and railroad buffs. Out subscriber base includes many of the top people in the hobby that are manufacturers, authors, artists, retail dealers, and Class One modelers, all sharing a common passion for model trucks. Each issue generally runs sixteen pages with eight pages of color photos of models or the real thing. Besides text, we include black and white photos and advertisements from bygone motor carriers and truck manufacturers.

One of the founding goals of Model Freightways was to put the member/subscriber first. As it so often happens, individuals with great looking rigs have them sitting on a shelf or in a box or case where no one ever sees them. We showcase these creations and describe how certain modifications took place in detail. in the words of one of our members, "I have never seen a model I didn't like! They are all special creations and have special memories." Another founding goal was to offer a publication that is timely and consistent, bringing the subscriber tips and techniques, reviews of new models, awareness of new models in the pipeline, building structures that provide a setting for trucks, manufacturers' discussions, profiles of our members, etc.

The founding members of Model Freightways are a group with considerable experience in the trucking industry and the truck modeling hobby. Bob Sundstrom, the editor and creator of Model Freightways spent many years with P-I-E (Pacific Intermountain Express) and Overnite Transportation, Rich Muller, a veteran of Preston Trucking Company and a New Jersey Teamsters local, and Frank Pisante, retired after many years with Consolidated Freightways. We combine with others to bring to bring you timely information that fills a void that no other publication offers.


Model Freightways ceased publication
in December 2018